Honey Mustard New York Strip Steak

4 New York Strip Steaks

1 C. ketchup

2 T. honey

1 T. ancho chile powder

1 T dijon mustard

2 T. ground horseradish

Combine all ingredients and heat in a small pan about 5 minutes.
Brush on steaks while cooking and serve on the side.

Bring steaks to room temperature and coat steaks lightly with oil.
Heat a grill pan on the stove to a very high heat. Grill 4-5 minutes
until golden brown. Brush with Steak Sauce. Turn over and cook another
6 minutes for medium doneness.

Note: You can tell when a steak is cooked to medium by
touching the fat part of the palm of your hand under your thumb.
Poke your hand and when the steak feels like that it is done to medium.

Servings: 4


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